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Please click on the service title to a book a Virtual Appointment or In-person Appointment. Shannon personally will reach out to you to schedule a date and time.

Mediumship Reading

A session to connect to your passed loved ones. There is no guarantee on who will come through. I will provide identification of the spirit and pass on any messages they give.

30 minutes $49.00


Departed Soul Healing

(Medium Healing)

Healing between the living (you) and your departed loved one. Deep Healing.

45 minutes $59


Core wound healing

Specifically focused healing on your core wounds. Suggested Series of 3.

45 minutes $59


Psychic reading

I will connect with my spirit guides and convey their messages to you.

30 minutes $49

Meet your Spirit Guide

Guided meditation to meet your spirit guide.

30 minutes $49

Aura Cleaning and Healing

55 minutes $99


Learn how to ground to the core of the earth.

Be more centered and focused.

45 minutes $59

Grounding and Shielding

Grounding to the core of the earth and protection for unwanted energies.

55 minutes $99

Reiki I

Become a Reiki I practitioner. I teach the traditional Usui Reiki.

Learn how Reiki can change your life. Course is 6 hours over two days.

Cost is $150.00 per student.

Please contact me at to schedule.

6 hours $150

Numerology Full Report

Get a full report of the numbers in your life only $18.00 for a PDF of 80+ pages.
You now also have the option to receive the above report PLUS an in-person explanation of your chart for $49.00 for 30 minutes.

Please provide:

  1. Your full birth name/name currently used
  2. Full Birth-date and
  3. an email address where I can email you the report.

You will be invoiced once information has been received.


Tarot Readings

Due to the overwhelming request for Tarot readings, I’m officially offering them on my website.

1 question card readings are done via text, email, phone, or video.
15 and 30-minute reading are done via phone or video only.

Please note: video can be recorded and sent to you if you are camera shy.

Once your order is placed, please email me here or text me at 916.546.8606 to discuss the topic of your reading.

Tarot Readings