Free Grounding

What is the benefit to grounding yourself?
It is a tool we can all use, and an important one. It is a way of bring a more peaceful feeling to yourself. I personally use it for many different things.

It calms me
I feel in control of me
I feel connected
Present in the here and now
More focused.
The list goes on and on and on and on

Grounding does not need to be a serious and somber thing. Laugh, have fun. Don’t take yourself so serious.

Learning to ground to the core of the earth.

Take each step slowly. Move to the next one only when you feel ready. Everyone has a different speed, different ways of doing this. If you don’t feel anything different, don’t worry. You didn’t do anything wrong. Just keep practicing.

Find a quiet place where you can minimize your distractions.
Being outside is preferred or near plants
Sit/stand in a comfortable position.
Close your eyes (peeking is allowed to read the exercise)
Feet flat on the ground
Hands relaxed, not clasped
Here we are trying to bring you into your body.
Beep breath
Say hello to your body
Give your arms a rub and pat your legs.

Thank your body; for all the works done to bring you to today.
Notice how your body feels; your head, neck, shoulders, moving down to your feet.
Where your body is touching your chair/ground?
Another deep breathe
Here we create your grounding cord. Get creative, use your imagination.
Your base charka is at the base of your spine, your tailbone.
Imagine a cord going from your base charka to the core of the earth.
This cord can be anything you want it to be.
A tree, waterfall, a slide, an anchor, or a funnel. Use your imagination.
What is the color? (Play with the color, go through the rainbow)
What does it look like? (Change it anyway you want)
How big is it? (Play with the size)
Notice how you are feeling?
Release that grounding cord, let it go.
Wait a minute or two. How do you feel now?
Deep Breath
Create a new one, right down to the core of the earth. (make sure it’s in there)
Notice again, the size, type and color.
How do you feel, compared to when you didn’t have one just a moment ago?
Breath, take it slow, have fun!!

Over the next week, practice grounding yourself.
If you have the time, you can repeat this whole exercise step by step.
Often we do not have time to do this as often as we would like.
You can just imagine a grounding cord anytime you need it. Just take a moment and make a new one. (Try to make time to repeat the whole exercise a few times)

PERK: You also can visualize grounding cords for other people and things (such as a car, a room, a house). Just a quick visualization, you can see the grounding cord for them. Try it over the next week. See what happens.

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