October 6, 2016

Our older loved ones

Love your parentsThis last month I spent 10 days caring for both of my parents.   My mother was diagnosed with early breast cancer.  My Father has several health issues that need daily care.   With my mother needing surgery I stepped in to care for them both (and give them healings).

Yes, it was a lot to juggle with caring for them both and also working my full time job.  I can honestly tell you I didn’t mind caring for them one little bit.  I got another opportunity to spend more time with them.  We made more memories.  I was able to hold her hand when my Mom was afraid, comfort my Dad as we waiting for the surgery to complete.

Shifting views on those who raised us.

I could appreciate how difficult it was for my mother (who is fiercely independent) be vulnerable and need my help to get dressed.  I do not know if I would have the same amount of grace as she did.  It was beautiful to see.  I could surly take a lesson from her in that.

I know I went to help them but I feel like I got more out of it.  We had a very difficult time when I was younger.  There were many things to get past for us to have the kind of relationship we have today.  It took a lot of work, and I mean A LOT of work but I’m so grateful to have this relationship.

They say it’s never too late to have a good childhood.   I believe the same holds true with our parents, it’s never too late to have a good relationship with them, or change how we view them.

Do you have a story about your shifting views on your parents?

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