Client Testimonials

I am honored to share testimonials from a few of my clients over the years on this page.

If you would like your experience with me shared please email me here and with your permission I will post on our page. Thank you!

I had the distinct pleasure to have Shannon help me foster some grounding and blocking skills to combat the negative energies from some difficult individuals in my life, people that cannot be removed. She was compassionate and understanding regarding my particular struggles. We talked through my particular challenges, and how I want to combat those energies. She walked me through some simple and effective visualizations that I now practice nearly daily. I have felt stronger and far more capable of dealing with these individuals since working with Shannon.
We had some extra time during our session and Shannon graciously made a connection to my sweet old dog for me to tell me how he is feeling and what I can do to help him. She then spent some time talking me through how to perform some heart healings on him to send him love and strength, in an effort to reduce his pain levels. This seems to have made a huge difference in his ability to sleep through the night.
I will be reaching out to Shannon on a regular basis to maintain my new skills and address anything new that life brings. Thank you, Shannon, for your loving support and assistance!
– Elizabeth UT
The session that I had from Shannon has literally changed my life. I went through years of therapy, antidepressants, and countless tears trying to reconcile my painful childhood. I had given up and put on a happy face to spare my friends the pain I felt on a daily basis. It wasn’t until this incredibly gifted woman offered to help by simply asking me if I was ready to be healed. Our session was an evening I will never forget as I literally felt my heart and soul receive healing. The years of pain and brokenness have been replaced with love, understanding and forgiveness. Shannon was able to accomplish what years of conventional medicine could not. I am grateful to be able to live my life with peace for the present, reconciliation for the past and hope for the future. Shannon, I am forever grateful!
– Sandy ID


I had a 40- foot fall 20 years ago which has left me in a lot of pain and a lot of arthritis. I’ve had a lot of surgeries as well so I spend a great deal of time in pain and I’m always tense.  I received a healing from Shannon and for the first time in many years I was relaxed, not clenching my teeth, I could rest, move around with ease and without pain.  I would recommend a healing for anyone.  It is definitely a life changing experience.  I will continue to have healings as often as necessary.  The healings are worth every penny.  Thank you!  I am a most grateful recipient of the most magnificent healing.

-Cindy,  CA

What a gift you are! The distance healing I received from you was breathtakingly powerful. I can’t wait to ‘actually’ meet you and work in person. You were and are spot on with your senses and knowings. Many blessings

– Mishelle, NV

I wanted to thank you for the Reiki that you sent me for my sinus headache.   As you know I suffer from terrible sinus headaches.  When we  did the Reiki, on just my  headache it  gave  me  some  relief,  but  when you focused on my sinus,  all I  can say is  wow.    I  could  feel  the pressure, being relieved,  and  suddenly  I  could  breathe,   and  the headache  was  gone with in  approximately 1/2 hour.   I am usually very skeptical of stuff like this,   but you have made me a true believer.  I will definitely seek you for Reiki anytime I get a headache, instead of the bottle of Advil.     Thanks again.

– Jill, CA

“I am a plumber doing manual labor 90% of the time as a result my back and most of my muscles hurt all the time. I would take Tylenol and other pain relievers as well as massage but nothing would relieve the soreness nor the complete exhaustion that i would feel. Shannon suggested for me to have a Reiki treatment and i figured what could hurt nothing else has worked so far. She brought her table and was very professional asked me a number of questions to get a better understanding of where i hurt and she had me lie down on my stomach. As she placed her hands on my back i felt a sensation that i had not felt in a long time peace and relaxation. That feeling grew as time went on and i actually fell asleep when i woke up i was pain free and energized to my surprise! I recommend her to anyone that is looking for relief from pain or just looking to relax and feel energized! Thank you Shannon for helping me!”

– Will, CA

“Shannon: You are truly an ANGEL from GOD. I don’t know exactly what you did but I am truly amazed, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the relief you are able to provide me from a distance. What boggles my mind is that we have never met and yet, you can provide me and my daughter with such relief….You truly are BLESSED with an awesome gift. I cannot thank you enough.”

– Mary NV

Shannon is truly gifted with unique and amazing healing techniques. You just have to meet her once, and you will know right away that she is completely authentic and has a strong connection to her guides and her source. I had a core healing session with Shannon, and she connected with something that only one other person in my entire life has ever been able to pick up. I was really having a tough time, and her core healing calmed my heart like no one else has ever been able to do. I have been involved with the spiritual community for over 20 years and I have never seen anyone like her. If you are reading this, you have been drawn to her for some reason. Book with her now – you will not regret it.


-Brandi, CA


There are many people born with psychic abilities, but very few who encompass the right balance of accuracy, humility, compassion, professionalism and spiritual ethics as Shannon does. She is extremely down to earth, creating a sense of peace and safety for what may be a difficult process for some. What’s more, Shannon continues to expand her abilities via study under the most renowned spiritual practitioners in the world. Her goal is to offer the best to her clients and never stop advancing in her education and technique and she never ceases to amaze me. Shannon has been an integral part of the most horrific time of my life, offering kindness, compassion and patience at times when other psychics may not. Her positive and loving energy provides far more than just a reading. Shannon sets the bar extremely high!

Her goal is to offer the best to her clients and never stop advancing in her education and technique. She never ceases to amaze me.


–Nicki, CA