August 10, 2016

What makes you feel alive?

I have always been the person who wants to look inside my mind and find out what is going on in there.  I love the phrase “kick over rocks and see what crawls out”    I’ve got a thirst for knowledge when it comes to our emotions, metaphysics and healing.  I began to read a book called “Soul Coaching” by Denise Linn.  It’s a 28 day program on getting closer to your own soul.  Fun right?  Sure sign me up!!

I started on the 1st of August so I would finish on the 28th, my birthday.   Today was about looking at the things (or people) that give you energy and those that take away your energy.  As I’m writing about the things that give me energy, I’m becoming more grateful for my life.  I’m also a big huge fan of gratitude lists.  I get to where I start to list out Healings, Metaphysical things and I notice my energy rise.


It didn’t just rise, it took off flying! 

My body feels awake, my focus gets clearer and I feel like I just drank 5 shots of espresso.  I’ve already known I love to do these things but I’ve never have seen so clearly the effect it has on me.

Now of course I want to tell everyone – Hey do this!  Check this out!  Find what makes you feel alive!

Imagine how your energy would change if you did more of what you love and less of what drains you.  If your energy becomes higher, you will naturally affect those around you.  It’s like a ripple in the pond.  Change your energy and help others.

Do what you love – Heal the world!

What do you love to do?   How can you do more of it?

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