August 31, 2016

What natural disaster do you scare yourself with?

Living in Northern California, the natural disaster that scares me are earthquakes.   Well to be fair they didn’t both me at all until the one in 1989.   I think I had a normal reaction to them, was on edge for awhile until all the aftershocks calmed down.  From 1989 to 2014 I found them rather fun honestly.   Then August 24, 2014.   I was asleep one mile away from the epicenter of the Napa 6.0 earthquake.   I had no idea how violent they are at the epicenter.  Two years later I was still nervous when a large truck would drive by.

A few weeks ago we had another little one close by and I had had enough!  I was tired of being afraid of these. Tired of my heart beating in my throat.  Tired of the days of fear after.  So I went off in search of affirmations and new ways to view earthquakes.

Here is what I found and came up with:

I am safe


I am one with nature

I am safe

Nature loves me and I love nature



I have wasted so much time being scared of something that hasn’t happened.  So now when that thought crosses my mind I remind myself of the above facts. EVERYTIME, I repeat them over and over until the fear passes.   I’m happy to say that it works incredibly well!

So whatever your terrifying yourself with, give the above a try.

It sure saves a lot of time, rather than being scared of something that never happens.



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